I knew you were so anxious to see pictures of my decluttered clutter. Yeah okay that’ll work. I have two rooms done and still need to do the basement. Bah. I fear it will  never ever ever get done.



This is Beanie’s room.



And that one would be Goober’s bedroom. You would not believe the way it had been Oh my. I should find a picture…hang on I think I have one.

And just so she isn’t left out…Beanie’s room before.


9 thoughts on “Pictures!!

  1. pwchick says:

    Wow! You do nice work! 🙂 The rooms look fabulous. Two questions: What are the frame artwork pictures of? Are they mom and baby pictures? And is that a beer bottle on Beanie’s white shelf? lol 😉

  2. gwennieg says:

    I like the stencil on Beanie’s wall.  And kudos to you for getting all of that done.  The kids’ room here is terrible.  Hopefully their rooms will be clean for a few minutes after we move–I’ll have them spend the afternoon with Granna!

  3. crazyboutcoffee says:

    @mauras – It is fun. I must be really really warped. I’d rather clean out and dejunk than any thing….well except drink coffee and read.I’ve not started on the basement yet. We need to decide what we are doing with the waterbed yet. We might set it up down there for extra sleeping. :^) It either needs to be set up or removed.

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