Ahhh cheesecake.

I made this little bit of delectable heaven last night. It is the third time I have made a cheesecake from scratch, or cheesecake at all ever. We were having some friends over for supper last night and I needed something for dessert. Normally we don’t serve dessert but we made an exception.

When I was planning the meal I thought I could make or buy a cake or cookies. I even thought about going to the bakery and buying a pie. Then I remembered I had the Joy of Cooking cookbook. I knew there had to be some little bit of deliciousness. I was not disappointed when I grabbed it and looked.

When I found Pumpkin Cheesecake I knew I had to make it. I was a little afraid because I’ve had pumpkin cheesecake from The Olive Garden and was sorely disappointed. It tasted nothing like pumpkin or cheesecake. I reasoned everything else in the cookbook was good, surely this would have to be good too. So I made it.

Very simple and easy. And sooo tasty too. (I felt just like Lucy Ricardo in the Vitameatvegimin episode. “…and so tasty too!” as she makes a horrible face.) The smell of it cooking was just one small step shy of heaven. It smelled divine. Dee-VINE!!

Okay I’ll admit it, that scared me. Normally when my cooking smells good, it tastes horrible. Those are the days we’re happy we have Pizza Hut on speed dial.

But this. This was different. The first bite and you just knew this recipe is one you want to use every. single. day. I could live on this, and since it has pumpkin in it, it has to be healthy, right?

The recipe makes an 8 inch cake. And we had 10 people, 6 adults and 4 children. The children got tiny pieces and the adults got pieces slightly larger. After everyone was served, there was one piece left. There are no more pieces left.

I think I need to make this again…right now.


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