It is really hard

to blog about food when you’re stuffed to the gills. It might be kind of like going to the grocery store on an empty stomach, you just don’t do it or you’ll spend more money. Of course if go on a stuffed tummy, you’ll be too full to even think about food until you’re hungry. It’s a vicious cycle.

The other day was a soup kind of day. Just dreary and cloudy all day. I really didn’t want to venture out and since I had everything to make Potage Parmentier and we love Potage Parmentier. I’ll bet you do too. Of course I hadn’t yet tried this recipe. But really how can you possibly go wrong with Potage Parmentier? Especially when there are only 6 ingredients and one of them is water?

We made Potato Soup. Easy peasy potato soup. I’ve never made Potage Parmentier when I’ve had to mash the potatoes and add parsley.

Oh my word!! This soups is literally to die for. The girls are begging me to make it again. And we just had it. 

To me the soup tastes like a summer soup, I can’t really say why I think that. It just strikes me as a soup you’d make in the spring or summer. And winter. And fall.

Delicious dish!!


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