Mabel and Abigail.

This afternoon as we were having lunch, my seven-year old told me “Mrs. G brought donuts today.” Mrs. G is her first and second grade Sunday school teacher and is a pediatrician and not known for bringing sugary snacks. Or snacks of any kind. So to say today was a momentous occasion, would be like saying the Atlantic Ocean is really just a small pond.

Beanie then informed me, “She brought glazed donuts.” Glazed donuts are my absolute favorite. You can have your chocolate, you can have your frosted, you can have your cake donuts, I’ll take the plain ol’ glazed ones.

I asked Beanie what donuts had to do with any Bible story the class might have discussed. I thought maybe David and table of shewbread, but she informed me the donuts weren’t really part of the story, because Mrs. G couldn’t find what was actually needed.

“Well, what was your story?” Because by now I’m really wondering and since donuts were not the key, I was thinking of Jesus cooking fish after the resurrection, Passover, wedding supper of the Lamb.

“Mabel and Abigail.”

Okay I have no clue who Mabel is in the Bible and it took me a minute to remember who exactly Abigail was.  I told Beanie as much and she informed me, “You know, Momma, Abigail is Mabel’s wife.”

Oh. Sure. Yeah. His name is Nabal. N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-nay-bull.


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