Frugality pays!!

I’ve long been interested in being frugal. I’ve not always succeeded at being very frugal, but I’ve been interested. I’ve read books about how to make good frugal, simple meals for my family and I’ve tried to implement them. Some with, of course, more success than others.

For a time I really played with Once-A-Month cooking. I dreamed of being a lady of leisure all day, needing only to pull an-already-prepared meal from the freezer in the morning and voila! At supper time, I’m not slaving away over the hot stove. Making an oh-so-healthy meal for my family.

Of Macaroni and Cheese.

From a blue box.

Don’t judge me.

But spending a whole day cooking did not appeal to me exactly. I often rethink that. I still like the idea, but I’m not sure I could pull it off…alone! If a couple of friends joined me, I’m sure I could do it and have fun.

Tonight I went searching for frugal food making tips and found this site. You should check it out.


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