Motivationally challenged.

Cassidy took my Hop-a-long.

My get up and go, got up and went.

If I had zero motivation, I would have more than I have right now.

Last night we were asking the girls what they learned. It was Beanie’s turn to share and this is what she said, “I learned that if you put a bumble bee in a tumbler and roll it down a hill, it will die.”

The sermon illustration actually went more like this, “If you put a bumble bee in a tumbler, and leave the top open it will poke along the bottom looking for a way out until it dies. Because it doesn’t think to look up and fly out.”

A few weeks ago I was challenged to run every day. Okay actually a friend told me he had run every day for 51 days. I thought “I can do better than that.”

Because I’m nice that way.

And my goal is running every day for 52 days. I don’t have to beat him by much, just beat him.  I started August second, today was my 36th day of running.  I was not motivated in the least bit. No, in fact to say that  doesn’t begin to touch how unmotivated I really was.

So I ran for a grand total of  five minutes. Yup, I ran a half a mile and walked the half mile home.  I don’t  have to run long or hard, I just have to run. Shoot, I could have run from the bedroom to the chair and called it good.


One thought on “Motivationally challenged.

  1. Joanne Sher says:

    Have SOOO been there, Virginia – though not about running. I do enough of that chasing my kids ;)Praying Cassidy heads on back with your hop-along right when you really need it.

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