Last night…

It was “Clean out the fridge night” at our house.

The girls and I had traveled to a nearby town to do some serious grocery shopping. I pondered what to fix on the way home, realized we had plenty of leftovers so I didn’t have to cook.

I forgot dear man did not go with us and therefore would be eating leftovers for lunch.

Which means not as many leftovers as I thought.

Some had leftovers and some had turkey/pepperjack sandwiches. We all had veggies and fruit!

Because I rock at making fruit salad. Last night it was strawberries, grapes, bananas and kiwi. I heard it was excellent. I detest strawberries so of course I stayed far away from it.

I’m reading “Eat This and Live For Kids”. I am so convicted about our eating habits. None of us have a weight problem (despite what I might say about myself….) but we don’t eat healthy. I don’t buy processed “food”. I don’t make meals from a box. But eating vegetables is not something I’m fond of. Fruit is very hard to keep in the house. I did some math the other day and for all of us to get 5 servings of fruit a day means I would need to purchase 1120 pieces of fruit in a month. That is staggering.

But fruit is easy because I like it. Vegetables, on the other hand, are incredibly hard because I don’t like them.  I have eaten them, to be a good example, but my girls know I’m only doing it to be a good example. On the days I just can’t, not even to be a good example, they know they still have to. So more often than not, I opt not to eat my veggies.

But that has to change. And I know drowning them in ranch (or anything like that) defeats the purpose.  So I’m looking for vegetable ideas. Preferably, of course, ideas in which the vegetable retains it’s nutritional value.  Raw carrots I can do. Celery? Forget it. I can put celery in something, so that will help.

So hit with me with your favorite vegetables/recipes!


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