Hand-Made Cupcakes

It has been a very long time since I entered a blog challenge.  I don’t really know why because I’ve always enjoyed them.  I know that is because I love seeing how other people interpret the challenge.

The first challenge in Amy Bayliss‘ Homemaker’s Challenge is cupcakes but  not just any normal cupcake. You had to make cupcakes that told a story about you. Your cupcakes had to reveal parts of yourself.  The challenge was issued last Friday and everyone was given until this Friday (October 8 ) to complete their cupcakes and post their challenge entry.

That is my entry.

The first thing it should reveal about myself is I am a non-conformist.  I love thinking outside of the box, and in this case I’m  way outside of the (cake mix) box. I love to do the unexpected.

The black of my cupcake represents my great love for black coffee and extra dark chocolate.

The middle color is not purple and it isn’t pink, it’s pinky-purple. That color signifies my two girls.  My oldest is 10 and loves every thing girly and pink. My youngest is almost 8, and loves everything purple and Barbie.

The white represents clean. I love to keep my house at the very minimum “company clean”. I like to think anyone could come over at any time and I wouldn’t be ashamed of my messy house.

The blue, green, and purple tie for the bag represents Mr. Full Cup. He works very hard to provide for us and I am very thankful!

The inside

I have a tube of Mary Kay lipstick because I am a Mary Kay Consultant. (and yes, I ship for free!) I also have a banana because I love love to make people laugh. I often feel also like I’m going bananas.

I have a book because I dearly love to read, but also because I read books for review. That is always a pleasure! I have found some great treasures in reviewing books.

I have a crochet hook because I (obviously) crochet.  I find I am able to focus my mind much better on anything if my hands are busy. I have been known to crochet in church.

I also have a pen because I love to write. Sometimes I even make sense.

The last thing inside the cupcake is a piece of paper with math problems on it. That represents the teacher in me. I teach both of our girls at home.

I couldn’t find anything to represent myself as a beloved Child of God, unless it is the white because He sees me as Holy and blameless.

You might have noticed I did not make a cupcake you bake in the oven. I am not a baker, but I am learning to enjoy cooking.  I love creating healthy meals for my family.  Just the other day I told Mr. FullCup that I finally know what I want to study in college, genetics and nutrition.

Because I have so much extra time on my hands.


(Encourage me, judges)
My post is linked up to: amybayliss.com


20 thoughts on “Hand-Made Cupcakes

  1. Melissa says:

    I love your cupcake! You did a fabulous job, and it looks tasty, too.

    I wish you could have added a color for the joy you bring to your friends. You are such a “treat” to be with, and you always bring a “sweet” spirit with you, wherever you go.


  2. Christin says:

    That was totally neat!!! Very creative and I didn’t realize how big it was or it’s use until you started saying what was IN it!! Good job!! Love it! 🙂

  3. Christin says:

    Ok, just saw your comment on my blog 🙂

    That widget is actually the Delicious widget and as I bookmark things I like from what I read, it automatically shows up there. Does that help? The widget of course is located under the widgets and is labeled as Delicious

  4. agbayliss@gmail.com says:

    Oh my! This is so awesome!! You really did think outside the cake mix. Did you do that in a week? I am so excited about how you interpreted the challenge. The story that goes with it is spot on too. This is awesome! Great job.

    My only suggestion would be using bullets or bold font to make scanning the post easier and that is just a preference. Other than that I just love it!

    • myfullcup says:

      Amy, thank you! Technically I did make it in a week, in that I searched for a pattern last Friday and completed it last night. But in actuality it only took me a few hours to complete it.

  5. Jami says:

    This is a very creative idea!! I love it! And I love that you put things inside it…and it’s less fattening than all our entries 😉 That’s always good!!

    Jami @Intentionally Living…

  6. Misty aka Elvisgirl says:

    That is so awesome. I love the bag. I want to make one! But I don’t crochet that well yet. I learned so much about you AND your family. If I got to vote, you would get a 10 out of 10…I don’t now how they judges are scoring, but you were so on the challenge!

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