A funny thing happened at church.

This morning I overheard our pastor’s nine-year old son say, “But dad, my legs are lousy.” Of course I had to ask if that is really what he said and he assured me it was. He explained, “You see Mrs. FullCup, I came up here and my legs were so comfortable I didn’t want to move.”

Or he just didn’t want to sit in the same pew as his brother.

I told him I completely understood because sometimes when I was in bed, I didn’t want to get out and brush my teeth. I knew I needed to but, ….

“You’re just too comfortable.  You’re whole body is lousy.”

I think he should speak for himself.

Just after this conversation, a lady I have known for years. Her daughter and son grew up with my sisters and I. We all attended the same church and school. In fact, her son was my sister’s first boyfriend. Not her first “normal” boyfriend, but when she was in the 5th or 6th grade he was her boyfriend and every one knew it. At least all the girls knew.

Anyway this lady slides down the pew and says, “Good morning, young lady.”  I told her good morning and mentioned that I wasn’t as young as I used to be. She asked if I had recently had a birthday.

Thankfully I haven’t had one since March, but I’m rushing headlong towards the next one.  I told her I was middle-aged and she looked at me with the funniest look on her face and said, “No, you’re not! You still have half your life left.”

Isn’t that what I said?

She went on to say that while I still had half my life left to live she only had at the most 20 years and for her that is scary..or could be.

It’s funny to think I am now older than she was when we met all those years ago. (as in over 30 years ago)

Totally random and not at all related to funnies at church….



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