Fun For the Whole Family Hour (Review)

I received Fun For The WHOLE Family Hour, All Church Event from The B &B Media Group, Inc for the purpose of review. My only compensation for the review is the free copy of the Leader Pack.

When I was contacted about reviewing Group Publishing’s Fun For the Whole Family Hour, I jumped at the chance. Mr. FullCup is the Children’s Christian Ed. Director for our church and he is always looking for new things to do to get families involved.  I don’t know about your church but at our church, which I think is fairly typical, some parents drop of their children for Sunday School and then they return home only to come back an hour later for church.

I know this concerns me and I’m sure it concerns the church leaders as well. I love the idea of bringing our church family together while bringing our families together.  My church is fairly large, and I  no longer know everyone who attends.  If there was a program that could bring my whole church together and we could all learn about Jesus together and learn about each other, I am all for it.


Everything in the Leader PackThe Leader Pack includes:

  • Leader Guide
  • DVD and CD set
  • Publicity Poster (one)
  • Family Expedition Pack (one, you will need one for each family)

The DVD includes a promotional video and clips from The Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the latest in the Chronicles of Narnia movie series. The CD includes clip art, customizable publicity helps, Zacchaeus drama script, and Power Point song lyrics slides. The Family Expedition pack includes a cd of all the songs.

My Thoughts

If your church is large and everyone is involved, purchasing the needed Family Expedition Packs would costly, for a small church without the resources of a larger body, it could be cost prohibitive. The Family Expedition Packs are $5.99 each. 

I thought the music cd was a little young sounding for older children. Our church uses Group’s vbs for ages preK-6th grade and the songs/voices sounded very much the same.  I thought the leader guide was too scripted and at times could appear fake.   I am not sure families with older children, even just older elementary aged children, would participate. It would be great for a young families get-together.


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