The HOMEmaker’s Challenge

In the last HOMEmaker’s Challenge, I said I was a non-conformist. I said I think outside of the box. Sometimes I am a little too far outside of the box at least other people think so.


In light of that, I am thinking out side the box on this challenge as well. Amy Bayliss (of fame) has issued her next challenge. Here is the challenge in her own words:

Your Homemaker’s Challenge is to add 3 new outfits to your wardrobe BUT, you can’t spend any money. Get creative. Swap clothes with your sister, your friends, or shop your very own closet! I know you have stuff in there that you forgot about. You can even remake some clothes out of what is in your closet! It is totally up to you but you must add three new outfits to your circulation of clothes you wear regularly. Once you have put your new outfits together craft a post and tell us about it.

She also posted a link to a webinar by Shari Braendel. Shari started her talk by mentioning Color Me Beautiful, a book and direct marketing line for women that was popular in the 1980s. Color Me Beautiful divided women into seasons, Spring, Summer, Winter, and Autumn. They were then given a idea of what colors looked best on them and would bring out their best feature while hiding or disguising their ..hmmm the opposite if best is worst…feature.

I remember Color Me Beautiful. I was told I am/was an Autumn. I get to wear browns, earthy greens and reds.  I can’t wear white or black successfully. Pink is NOT my color at all.  For the better part of 20 years I have known this and I have tried to dress accordingly.

My hair is reddish brown. Too brown to be called red and too red to be called brown. (Although with alarming speed it is turning to another color and I am somewhat powerless to stop it )  My eyes are green. Which is interesting. I know just enough of genetics to know that green eyes are the most recessive, brown eyes are the most dominant and blue eyes are in the middle.  My dad had blue eyes and my mom has brown eyes.  When I was a young girl, my eyes were brown; so they have changed from the most dominant to the most recessive.  My skin tone is pale. Shoot half the time I look dead.

Which is why it is so important for me to wear clothes that liven me up!

In my life money is, and probably always will be, an object. I have to be careful of what I spend my money on. I can’t shop at Saks and Macy’s and buy clothes off the rack…unless it’s the deeply discounted clearance rack. I can’t spend money on clothes I am not going to wear.

And my personality to too much of a minimalist to allow me to keep clothes I am not wearing. My rule of thumb is this, if I haven’t worn it in the last 6 months, chances are I won’t wear it in the next year so out it goes.  I have greatly whittled down my wardrobe this way. I also have lost some weight recently and now most of my clothes are no longer fitting me.  This is something that must be rectified very soon.

However, because the situation has not been rectified just yet, and since my clothing budget is on the small side of meager, I make do.


I mix and match all my clothes. Even my dresses that you aren’t supposed to mix and match.  I mix my skirts..or skirt actually..with different tops. I mix my jumpers…err one jumper…actually it’s just a sleeveless dress…with my tops. I mix my slacks…err one pair of slacks (did I mention my wardrobe has shrunk considerably..about the same time I started shrinking) with my tops. I mix my dresses with sweaters and blouses.

So my entry in the blog challenge really is a non-entry in the challenge. I don’t have photos or videos to share. I haven’t made 3 new outfits because I already wear all my clothes with all my clothes.


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2 thoughts on “The HOMEmaker’s Challenge

  1. Misty aka Elvisgirl says:

    You know, the fact that you already wear all your clothes all the time is pretty cool. You couldn’t come up with a new one for the challenge, but you are using all your clothes in your closet and that is pretty impressive.

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