Felting, Book Covers and Bags, Oh my!

It is all my friend, Alisha’s fault. She was making some adorable tote bags for her boys to carry their Bible, notebook and pen in on Sundays.  I loved the idea and told her I was going to steal it. I even searched my house for some fabric I *knew* I had. In the mean time, I made the mug warmer in the picture.

I have two mug warmers already, but they don’t work with mugs. Because mugs have a handle.  I crocheted the mug warmer, leaving space for a button hole. Then I felted it.

I have never had so much fun felting. Honestly. In the past month or so I have felted 2 things. I know, big deal. To me it is a big deal. Before I met my friend, Melissa, I thought you bought felt. Now I felt things. And it’s so fun. I get to use my tea pot, hot water, my washing machine and wool.

When you felt something, it has to be made out of wool. (Pardon me, while I act 14 and say, “Duuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Ah that’s out of my system now.) You make it about 40% bigger than you need.  The felting process is really easy. You place your finished..COMPLETELY finished project in the washing machine on the hottest water setting you can. I also add a couple teapot’s full of boiling water. Let the machine agitate for one FULL cycle. If it is still bigger than you need/want, simply repeat. If it felted too much, stretch it back out. Then let dry. I just toss it in the dryer.

When my mug warmer was dry, I found a large button, used matching yarn and sewed it on. And promptly realized I had made the button hole too small. But Mr. Full Cup used brute strength to get it buttoned and unbuttoned a few times. Now it’s a cinch to close.

I never did find the fabric I was in search of, I fear it didn’t make it past my last Decluttering of the Closet.  I did find some fabric though, and what joy! I had enough.   I had to be rather sneaky about making my 10-year old a Bible cover. Can I just say sometimes home schooling is NOT the best. If my children attended school away from home, I would have plenty of time to break into her room and steal her Bible and make the cover.  And she would never know.

I am with my children All. The. Time.  I did manage to finagle her Bible for measurements last night. I cut out the fabric but I just didn’t dare fire up the sewing machine.

I submit, Exhibit A

This is how it looked last night. The fabric was cut, the Bible nestled inside. And I was giddy. Yes, Giddy.  This afternoon I made it look like this:

She is going to love it.

I made a pocket out of a contrasting fabric. I keep thinking I would have liked to have stitched a flower from the fabric on it but I don’t know how…shoot I can’t even think of the word I need.

I didn’t stop there. I also cut out and sewed a bag for her.

The small bag on the larger bag was supposed to be a pocket. But I forgot to sew it on until after I had the bag all put together.  I think I might make a snap closure for it and she can use it for whatever she wants.

She has an 8 (almost) year old sister.  And while she just needs a whole new Bible for Christmas, I don’t need to make her a cover. But I did make her a bag.

Her bag is bigger but she is still bringing home Sunday School papers, and she always has some treasure  she needs to cart around.

All-in-all a very productive day!


One thought on “Felting, Book Covers and Bags, Oh my!

  1. Melissa says:

    You did a great job! Love, love, all of it, the felted mug warmer, the Bible cover, the bags. . . you have a great eye for color, friend. Let’s sew again!

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