So many Books, So little Time.

A truer statement was never made, other than Jesus loves you. (In my head I added “you dirty rotten sinner”, from an old Mike Warnke routine. Does anyone remember Mike Warnke? We loved him. Until he fell from grace with the IRS.)

In my house it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Except we don’t have a tree, no wrapped gifts and we aren’t playing Christmas music, and there is a decided lack of snow. Not that I am in any way, shape or form complaining. Oh no Sir, not me.

It’s Christmas in that (Okay, scratch the “no Christmas music” I just flitted downstairs and found Russ Lee and Louie Armstrong.) I’ve been reading Christmas books.  And loving them!

Reviewer picture

I read “The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook” by Robin Currie, illustrated by Constanza Basaluzzo and published by David C. Cook.  It is a delightful book to read with your baby. Each story has one full-page picture and about 4 lines to read to your baby. It also offers different actions you can do, and ends each story with a prayer.  It is also a board book, so it promises to be a book you can use year after year.

I had my 7-year old read the book and she said she likes the actions and that the words are big so everyone can see them. But she said it “kind of cuts off the story.”

She gives it 5 turning pages!

Stay tuned for more on this book!


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