Dining With Joy {Book Review}

When her father passes away Joy Ballard takes over his cooking show, Dining with Charles. She changes the name to “Dining With Joy.” There is, of course, just one small, minor problem.

Joy can’t cook.

Not at all.  But she is able to hide this until her producer sells her show, that is only regionally syndicated, to Wild Woman Productions and it is place on TruReality. Joy is billed as “The face of Thursday Night” until her contract is ignored and she is discovered to be a cooking fraud.

In the meantime (after her show is sold and before she is found out) she mets a wonderful man, Luke Redmond, who is, of course, a chef. And a good one. Luke is struggling to get over the closing of his restaurant, Ami’s, while working in a Beaufort restaurant.  After he rescues her from certain cooking doom, she thanks him and life gets a little sizzly after that.

Joy and Luke are thrown together on the show and he uncovers her lack of culinary skills.

That is all I’m going to tell you about Dining With Joy by Rachel Hauck and published by Thomas Nelson. I loved this book. It’s a very cute story, one that while I was able to put it down, it was never for very long.  Dining With Joy is quick, fun, feel good, giggle story, with multiple plots and story lines, but those are not easily confused. This book is a definite buy for the cooking queen on your Christmas list.


(I received a complimentary copy of Dining with Joy from Thomas Nelson Publishers for the express purpose of review. The only renumeration I received was the free book and that in no way, shape or form influenced my review.)


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