I was just pondering the story, “Twas the Night before Christmas” and wondering why the characters in the story, were settling in for a long winters nap? I’m assuming they were animals of some sort, since humans don’t generally hibernate. Although there are times I’ve thought it an excellent idea.

Obviously they knew enough of American folklore to believe in Santa, so why on earth were they settling in to hibernate on Christmas Eve?

I read on tonight that they auctioned off some of Bernie Madoff’s items. You remember, he’s the “financial advisor” who bilked people out of 65 billion dollars.  Billion! That’s a 6 and a 5 with a lot of zeros behind it.

I guess they previously had an auction and that one brought in around 1 million. (a one with not quite as many zeros behind it) The auction today brought in 2 million. Three million dollars total; it’s a far cry from 65,000,000,000,000 (is that billion or do I need more zeros?)

Personally I think Bernie could go toe-to-toe with Imelda Marcos on pairs of shoes owned. (pun totally intentional) Seriously. The man had shoes like no other man I know.  He had a pair of slippers with his initials monogrammed in gold on them.

I think someone bought them for $6,100. Six thousand dollars for a pair of used slippers with someone else’s initials monogrammed on them.

And they call me crazy!

I think his name is misspelled and mis-pronounced. I really do. It should be Made-Off.



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