Smelling Christmas.

This evening we broke with tradition for the second time. It has long been (since 1994) our tradition to get our tree, and we always cut down our own, and decorate it on December 15. I think it originally got started because that was Mr. FullCup’s payday, (only he wasn’t Mr. FullCup then, he was Mr. I’m-Not-Sure, but that is another post for another time.)

The Christmas tree farm closing and not reopening, the decided lack of Christmas tree farms within a 200 mile radius (yes, we are *that* serious), and Mr. Full Cup swearing he will not ever go back to the state park again for a tree, we’ve taken to getting our trees precut. (which is really silly because we have an artificial tree in the basement)

We went this evening to the same place we went last year and had a half decent tree, it dried out very quickly and was taken down and removed by December 26. That place however was closed. A friend had mentioned that he knew of another place that had trees so we decided to see if they did. And if worst came to worst, we could swing by Target and Menards in search of tinsel and garland. (My garland is from 1994 and well it is beyond ugly) That place was closed too. So off to Menards.

Do you have a Menards? Kind of like a Home Depot meets Target. It’s a home improvement store that carries a few groceries. We love Menards. Seriously.

Menards had trees!! Menards had good trees. Menards had good cheap trees.
And since I’m rather partial to good inexpensive trees, we bought one. A 7′-8′ Scotch pine.

It smells divine, DEE-VINE I tell you. Until tomorrow when once again I am so plugged up I can’t even smell my coffee. Nights like this, when we get our tree and set it up, remind me of a song I wrote once.

I like Christmas trees

But sometimes they make me sneeze

And I drop down to my knees

Achoo, Achoo, Achooing.

(Please don’t throw tomatoes, just money.)


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