Damsel in Distress

I have had a very busy week, you might have noticed due to the lack of blog posts.  Yesterday I was gone almost all day with Bible study and filling in our church office for the secretary. ARGH. The phone rang twice in Bible study (Thank God for cordless phones) and then just as I was getting ready to leave, so I got a lot of crocheting done.

Now I don’t normally crochet while I’m there and I did some secretarial type duties too. We are hosting our church’s staff Christmas party and I am making ornaments for everyone.

My friend called and she was woefully stuck at the post office with a flat tire and wanted to know if I could send Mr. FullCup right over to change it for her.  I, of course, knowing well her poor plight did just that.

Later in the evening, Mr FullCup informs me that Melissa had successfully changed her first tire. “I told her it was something she should know and so I taught her. I helped her a little. I did NOT make her crawl under her van to get the spare tire.”

All the while I am sitting there with an incredibly incredulous look on my face repeating, “I can’t believe you made her change her own tired.”

“I told her you’ve changed tires before.” Like that was supposed to make it better. For the record, I have never, and plan on never ever ever, changing a tire. I’m a girl. And girls don’t change tires or oil. This girl barely puts air in the tire.

I apologized profusely to Melissa and offered to let her husband teach me some useless manly trick.



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