Keeping Christ

I hear often, and see so much more, “Let’s Keep Christ in CHRISTmas!” I have to admit, I agree. Christmas is, or certainly should be, all about Him and His birth, His life and yes, His death. Christmas is  not about what is under the tree for me. Christmas is about what I can give Him.

I get rather irritated when I see or hear people saying, “Boycott this store because they say ‘Happy Holidays!’ and not ‘Merry Christmas'” Or this one, “It’s CHRISTmas, not X-mas”.  Do you realize that is almost like saying , “It’s Christmas, not Christmas”? Yup. Ancient believers had two ways of communicating their faith, one was through the icthus or fish symbol and the other was with the Greek letter “chi” which in English looks like the letter X.  So are we going to get upset with Peter, Paul, John, James and Barthlomew for using the letter X, and saving their necks?

So how about if we, as our Christmas gift to our King, give Him our pettiness. Give Him our desire to see the boogey man behind every word. Let’s give Him our FOCUS. I think know when we do that, this other stuff won’t matter a hill of beans.

So have a Merry Christmas, a Merry X-mas and a very Happy Holiday. (or if you prefer, Happy Holy Day!)



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