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I’ve always been this way…

As a teenager I was sometimes called upon to babysit. In fact there was one family in our church who hired me to babysit every Sunday afternoon. I can’t remember now how old their baby was but always when I would arrive she would be sleeping contentedly.  All was well.

When I heard her making noise, I would to get her out of bed. But when I opened the door I was met with an awful stench. A smell no one should ever have to smell. I would still get her out of bed because I was the grown up. I would put off changing her diaper because it was so rank. I knew as soon as I opened the tabs the stench would be unbearable.

And it was. I would literally gag my way through. And she would lay there and look at me funny. I’m sure her parent’s never did that. Ever.

I vowed never to have children because I can’t change a stinkin’ diaper.

When I had my first child, I didn’t have a problem changing her diapers. I didn’t have a problem until I was potty training. Every accident she had was murder on me.  When I was pregnant with child #2, I was working in our church nursery and had to get someone else to change a diaper. Because I couldn’t. They all understood, pregnancy hormones and all.  At least I had a good excuse…or one better than “I’m just weird.”

Which fits too.

I am sad to say I have not outgrown it. I had no trouble changing child #2 diapers at all but I had problems when she was potty training.

My children are now 10 and 8 and I have no worries. Until I babysit.

A friend has a 6 month old baby. Baby J came over a few weeks ago and as soon as my friend left, I noticed J smelled quite ripe. I started gagging before I even undid the tabs on the diaper. I sent Elizabeth for the air freshener spray. I was careful not to spray it directly over the baby because that would be bad.

I briefly contemplated using a blindfold, because I’m positive it’s not just the smell. I quickly vetoed that idea. I muddled…gagged my way through.

Baby J is here today and I’m not ashamed to say, I call Mr. FullCup home from work to change the diaper.  I did. And while he changed, I sprayed copious amounts of air freshener.

He told me his secret is to not breathe too much. Hmm. I don’t have to breathe at all. I just have to think.

Maybe I’ll try not’s worked well for me in many situations so far in my life. Although I’ve never planned on not thinking.



Child of the Most High God, Wife, Home-schooling Momma of 2. I love Jesus, people and coffee. I am the somewhat eternal optimist viewing the coffee cup as half nothing, it's full...even when I'm chewing the grounds at the bottom.

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