Running just to catch a break

Or myself, I’m really not sure which. Maybe it’s both.

I started running again this week. I usually stop running in the Fall when it is too dark to run early and too dark to run when Mr. FullCup comes home in the evening. I start up again in January, not because it is any less dark, but I find the itch to run too strong to ignore. Plus running in frigid temps thrills my soul.

Or at least that’s the story I’ll keep telling myself until I really believe it.

Map My Run issued a few New Year’s challenges and I am just enough of a glutton for punishment I signed up for one. The challenge was to run 30 in 30…run thirty miles in thirty days. Easy peasy Japanesey. Run one mile a day for 30 days and you’re accomplished the challenge. Anyone can do that. Anyone.

This morning I was determined to run 3 miles. You see a friend of ours runs three miles a day. Actually I’m not sure if it is every day or just a few days a week but does it really matter? I am driven and competitive enough to have to be better than G. I have to be.

Which is why on facebook this week I nicely called him a wimp. In large letters. You see it had been 8 days since he had been running and I had already ran two days this week. We just won’t talk about the months I’d gone without running at all because we aren’t here to talk about me.

Oh wait, we are. Never mind.

Back to the three miles. I wanted to run three miles, to prove I could. All of last year I ran at most 2 to 2.5 miles and I wanted to do better. Plus when you’re in a challenge it is just easier to remember how far if you keep it to nice even numbers. Three is much easier to remember and count in the challenge than say 2.60. (Which happens to be how far I actually did run today.)

After my run, I was mapping my routes (yes, routes, I kept changing, I planned for one, changed that one in route, and changed it again after stopping at home for my gloves) and putting them on the challenge page. I started browsing through the other crazies who had signed up for this challenge. I was shocked to see that a 29 year old female said she ran 257.9 miles in one day. I’m not sure that is possible.

That brought about a conversation with Mr. FullCup just how easy it would be to cheat on this challenge. Not that I intend to cheat at all on the challenge. I couldn’t do that. I enjoy running to much. And the guilt would kill me.  But one could very easily sit on her bum watching HGTV, eating a bag of doritos and say she ran 4, 5, 45 or even 450 miles in one day.

I think I’ll keep my 2.60 and my honesty. I think it has added all the running I’ve done this week, even though I didn’t join the challenge until Thursday.



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