If God Is Good

_________________________. Fill in the blank.

Ten years ago this September, I heard a lot of people saying, “Where was God? If He is really good, why did Muslims crash planes into our World Trade Center Building, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania?”

Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, answered that question with this answer, “God is a gentleman, we asked Him to leave and so He did.”

I don’t believe that is the right answer.  I believe Randy Alcorn, in his book, “If God is Good” gives a better answer and one closer to the truth.  The subtitle is “Faith in the Midst of Suffering”.  And isn’t that really what we’re asking? “How can I have faith when I’m suffering? When all of my life is one big open, oozing sore, how can I believe God is good and has only good planned for me?”

I think it is interesting to ponder that believers in the western world are the ones asking these questions. While in other places in the world becoming a believer, placing your complete trust in Jesus means you will lay your life on the line. It means persecution. It means possible/probably imprisonment.  I am not in any way saying people of Western cultures are not persecuted because the Bible promises that “anyone who desires to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” (2Timothy 2:12) So why are we surprised when it happens?

Why do we walk away?

Why do we blame God for the bad and refuse to thank Him, honor Him for the good?  Is this what James 3:10 talks about when it says “From the same mouth come both blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be this way”?

Mr.Alcorn delved into researching this topic. His book is masterful.  Just shy of 500 pages with 45 chapters and 11 sections, you can tell he did his homework. This is not a “fluff” book. Mr. Alcorn deals with a difficult topic, one that is reaching deep into evangelical Christendom in the Western World.  His words are full of grace, bringing us back to the God of the Bible, the God who says, “I know My plans for you….plans to give you future and a hope.” Mr Alcorn revives us to hope, and that isn’t a wishy-washy hope, but absolute future certainty. He reminds us we can trust the God of the Bible with our very life, because left to ourselves we would destroy it.

God is the source of all good and the standard by which god is measured. We may not like what God does, but we are in no position to accuse Him of wrongdoing. Every breath He gives us–we who deserve immediate and eternal death–is a gift. ~Randy Alcorn If God is Good page 144




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