Passport Through Darkness {Book Review}

I was given the opportunity to read and review this book from several sources. It wasn’t until I received an email from The B&B Media Group offering a last chance to review this book, that I decided to review it. Something about when God puts something in your path over and over you kind of think maybe it is something you should do.

The book is about Kimberly Smith (she is also the author) and her husband Milton.  Kimberly was your average American woman who had it made by most standards. And then she dared to ask God what His dream for her was, what He desired to accomplish with her life when He created her.  Bold and gutsy move, if you ask me.

At the same time, God was working in her husband’s life too. Milton and Kimberly decided to sell out to God. They sold their belongings and moved from the United States to serve as missionaries. They were confronted with modern-day slavery. They worked to bring an end to it, at the expense of health.

Because Milton is a diabetic, they were forced to return to the states. Kimberly could not get the mission and slavery out of her mind. She went alone to Africa and ministered in a country there so dark and difficult she wondered at her safety.

This book is not about modern-day slavery, and sex trafficking. But it is about what God does with one woman who is completely sold out to Him. It is a book I couldn’t put down and when I reached the end, I was sad the book was over.

Passport through Darkness is a must read for all who think slavery ended in the 19th century. and for everyone who hates the idea that people are bought and sold.

For me, this book was a call to arms. I can no longer sit by and let someone else do it. I can’t expect someone else to take care of the poor and down torodden. I have to take action.

Just what that action will be, I don’t know. But I can’t sit here while others are suffering.

Please read this book.  I received a free copy from the publisher for the purpose of review, but please go to your local Christian book store, or and order this book. Read it and pray for the people throughout the world who are being exploited and then get up and help.


One thought on “Passport Through Darkness {Book Review}

  1. Kimberly L. Smith says:

    thank you so much for speaking to the personal journey and marriage piece of Passport through Darkness.

    I have two goals for Passport through Darkness. First, yes, I pray it helps Make Way Partners to save more vulnerable women and children from slave raiders and genocide. Second, I pray it helps every reader to see more clearly the unique dream God has for their lives, and how no one else can live that dream but them. When we miss that dream, there’s a gapping whole in the world where we were designed to live. And too much clutter in a place where we weren’t meant to be living at all.

    If Passport through Darkness hits either of those targets, it’s worth it all!

    love, your sister along the journey, k

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