World Traveler.

I am soon heading for Ireland, the land of my forebears. To say I’m excited is somewhat of an understatement. To say I can’t wait, also is an understatement.  But it isn’t not an understatement to say that until I finished “SisterChicks in Wooden Shoes” by Robin Jones Gunn, I was excited but not excited in the sense of I-want-to-leave-tomorrow. I have fifty million things to do before I travel across the great pond and well frankly, I’m not sure I’ll get it all done.

But now I’m raring to go!

I have read several of the Sister Chicks books and have enjoyed everyone. In this book, they obviously go to the Netherlands. Summer Finlay received a call from her doctor about an abnormal medical test and immediately plans to fly to the Netherlands to meet a pen pal she has been corresponding with since the third grade. The pen pal now lives in the Netherlands, but grew up in Wyoming.

Noelle agrees to a sudden visit from her American friend and they set off for a week of soaking up the culture in the Netherlands. Tragedy always seems to find Summer and Noelle though. They lost rented bikes in the canal, rode a wooden-shoe boat down the same canal. Summer was immersed in the North Sea. Not horrible tragedies but still not at all what they expected.

Both Noelle and Summer find hope and healing in the Netherlands.

And if I say any more I’ll have to give a spoiler alert and I don’t want to do that. I want you get the book and read it yourself. You will laugh, you will smile, you might shed a tear but you will come away changed. And yes, it is a novel.


(I received this book Mutlnomah Press for the purpose of review. I received no renumeration for my review.)


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