The Mountains Bow Down

Why is it every vacation seems to turn into a working vacation?  That is exactly what happens to Raleigh Harmon when she takes a supposed cruise to Alaska with her mom, her Aunt Charlotte and her aunts friend, Claire.

A movie is being filmed on board the cruise, Aunt Charlotte is employed by the filmmakers because of her working with rare gems.  Claire calls herself “Claire the Clairvoyant” and fancies herself a psychic. The star of the film, Milo Carpenter, is a drunk and constantly getting more drunk. It is his wife who is killed.

It is up to FBI Agent Raleigh Harmon to find out who did it in the waters off the Alaskan coast. One main thing, she has to get it done before they dock in Seattle.  The boats head of security is less than helpful.

The book, The Mountains Bow Down, is by Sibella Giorello. It is a great book and a fast read.  I had trouble putting it down. I enjoyed the plot line and think the author did an excellent job weaving the story.

I didn’t care for all the alcohol and the clairvoyance. I just don’t think that needs to be in a “Christian” novel. I also noted the decided lack of “Christian” references in the book. Scripture is sprinkled throughout which is good!

I would recommend this book to anyone who just wants to read a good story. I give it 5 turning pages.


(I received a copy of this book free from Thomas Nelson for the purposes of review. I was not offered renumeration for my review.)


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