Pop Stars!

Isabella, aka Izzy, Baxter is a sixteen-year old girl who has had a dream for ten years. She dreams of being a pop star. She competes in the International Pop Star Challenge and doesn’t make until a girl drops out and Izzy is picked. Izzy’s Pop Star Plan is her blog about her trip and her dreams.

The book is written by Alex Marestaing and is written in devotional form for young  teen girls. While it is designed to be a devotional it reads like a novel, or like a blog. The author did a really good job, I think, of crawling into a teenage girl’s head. I am especially impressed because the author is neither a teenager nor a girl.

The book has Bible verses to go along with most days and a prayer. There is a time when Izzy is not living in obedience and the verses and prayers stop. She does confess and get back on track. I loved that. I think it will be easy for girls to see that when they live in sin their relationship with God suffers.

I know this book will be a big hit in my family when my girls get a little older. If you’re looking for something for your teen/pre-teen to read as a devotional this book might just be the ticket. There are also videos your girl can watch when she reads certain days.  You can get it from Thomas Nelson Publishers or order it through your local Christian book store.

(I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson for the purpose of review)


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