Me, Me, and lot more Me.

Do you ever pick up a book on your way to bed and think “I’m so tired, I’ll just read the first chapter and read more tomorrow”, only to find yourself at midnight still reading the book?

That very thing happened to me with Kathi Lipp’s newest book, The Me Project. Like Kathi’s other two books, (The Husband Project and The Marriage Project) The Me Project is a 21-day guide to “Living the Life You’ve Always Wanted”.  In the book, Kathi encourages you to write down all your hopes and dreams and then pray asking God to help you bring those dreams to fruition and then in the same journal you write down all the ways God did just that.

Kathi has you pick one dream and spend some concentrated time in the next 3 weeks working to complete your dream along with a friend or two.  Because I’m so not a “rule follower”, I have thought of 4 friends and really who says I can’t have more than a friend or two join me?

During the 3 weeks, you will be talking/emailing, chatting, texting your friends and letting them know how you’re doing on your project and also encouraging her in her project because it isn’t all about me.

I can’t wait to get started on this. And I think you should do it too, so go get your book, grab some friends and watch God make your dreams a reality.


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