Lazarus Awakening

Do you ever feel God doesn’t love you?  Do you ever think, “I know God loves the world, but I’m not even a blip on His radar?” Do you wonder where, or even if, you fit in to the Kingdom calendar? Do you wonder where your place is in the Heart of God? Or maybe you’re not sure you have a place there. Do you wonder if you are truly a believer, a real-live, genuine, faith-walking lover of Jesus? Do you wonder if He really thinks of  you as His friend? And what does that mean really?

If you have wondered any of these, Joanna Weaver’s new book, Lazarus Awakening is for you! This book is full of insight and down-to-earth tips from someone who has “been there, done that”.  Joanna Weaver is not an author who sits in grandeur writing about problems the “commoners’ might have” but she writes about real life and she lives her life in her books.

I first “met” Joanna Weaver through her book, “Having A  Mary Heart in A  Martha World“. I was reacquainted with her in, Having a Mary Spirit. And now here I am, knee deep in “Lazarus Awakening.”   If you haven’t read any of Joanna’s books, I can’t recommend them high enough.

In Lazarus Awakening, Joanna tackles our feelings of abandonment with God, and those times God just doesn’t act like we think He should act. When God chooses to, choke, gasp, act according to His plan and not ours.  She offers practical ideas on what we can do when it seems the Lord is waiting two more days past our anxious cry for His immediate help.  She tells us, both by word and example, what to do when our life stinks like a body that has been in the grave for four days.

I think we can all relate to that. This book is one that really should be read by all Christians and should be re-read every year..or month or maybe in my case, every week. Ten chapters is all it contains but they are powerful chapters. This book has once again wet my appetite, and awakened my realization that God is working, He is near and I long to know Him on a deeper level. This book has spurred me on to go deeper with my God. And shouldn’t that be the desire, the outcome, of all the books we read?

I give this one 5 turning pages!

The Heart of God KINDLE Giveaway

(I received this book free from Waterbrook Press for the purposes of review)


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