I’ve noticed….

people are getting older. I mean really, people are aging almost right before my eyes. 


Last night I was watching some David Meece videos on youtube. I watched one from 1991 and that is how he looks. I know it is!! I also a video of him accepting his induction into the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2009 and it wasn’t him. It was some man who talked, sang and played the piano just like David Meece, but it really wasn’t him. 


When did he get so old???

Or any of the people I listened to in high school? Have you seen Steve Camp lately? He is no longer blond. At least he still has hair. The same could be said for Bryan Duncan. I wonder if Steve Taylor even still has hair??? Does anyone know? I do know Amy Grant still has hair, but I haven’t seen her lately to know if she looks old or not. 


Surely I haven’t aged. I mean I still look like I did when I was 18, right? Right?? 


Please someone tell me I’m right.laughing


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