Grillin’ Foo’

And you can take that to mean, “Grilling Food” or “Grilling Fool” whichever you decide.

My girlies and I spent some of my hard-earned money on Mr. FullCup the beginning of this month. His birthday is on the tenth and Father’s Day is always soon after so we combined them and got him an early gift.

Yeah, we got him a large, manly grill. We have needed one for years. Our last grill was a small, rectangular table-top charcoal grill. We received that as a wedding gift 16 years ago and we have used it to death, literally. There is a large hole in the bottom and one of the grates is missing some…well the metal things that make it grate and hold your food. You really had to be careful where you placed your hot dogs or you would find them among the charcoal coals.

So it was time for an upgrade and we did it in style and more importantly..ON THE CHEAP!! Because since Dave Ramsey entered my life, I’m all about the CHEAP!

The man, Mr. FullCup–not Dave Ramsey, has turned into a grilling maniac. He has grilled steaks twice, hamburgers and hot dogs once.  And he only started grilling with it on Sunday, Father’s Day. It is now Wednesday and guess what?

He wants to use it tonight. Which might be interesting because we’re having goulash. He wants to use the extra burner on the side to boil the water and cook the pasta outside.


The best burgers in the known world.

1 pound hamburger

1 egg

taco seasoning,

Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

Mix together. Form into patties. Grill and add one slice pepper jack cheese, allow to melt.



2 thoughts on “Grillin’ Foo’

  1. myfullcup says:


    He is outside now with my large skillet on the grill and a saucepan full of water on the extra burner. He’s determined to make goulash outside.

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