Shattered is a juvenile fiction book written by Melody Carlson.  Cleo is convinced her mother is a smother mother bent on making sure Cleo never grows up, never experiences any part of anything that might be fun. She’s convinced her mom is out to make her miserable.

Things come to  a head the night before Cleo’s best friend moves away. Cleo and Lola want to attend a concert but Cleo’s mom says No.  In a sad attempt to get around the answer, Cleo decides to lie to her mom about where she is going, and lie to Lola about her moms’ answer to the concert.

That night Cleo’s mom finds out they are at the concert and she goes to take Cleo and Lola home. Only it doesn’t work out that way. Cleo’s mom is murdered while waiting for the girls.

Cleo sinks into a depression as guilt engulfs her, she turns to drugs to deaden the pain and reality. Which really just breeds it’s own set of problems.

It is only when Cleo comes clean, with her friends, her dad that she finds true hope and healing.


Melody Carlson is a magnificent writer. I have read several of her books, both adult fiction and juvenile fiction and loved every one. This one though for some reason just didn’t grab me. I struggled to read it, in fact I lost it for a little while.  I give it 3 page turns.

(I received a copy of Shattered by Melody Carlson from the publisher for the purpose of review)


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