The BlackBerry Bush

The BlackBerry Bush is an excellent story written by David Housholder. It is the story of Kati who grows up just outside of Bonn, Germany and Josh who is born in California on the same as Kati.

An invitation to a treasure hunt through the landscape of your soul…..

Josh grows up an artistic and gifted California Golden Boy, but for all that life has handed to him, he struggles with his identity and role in the world. Surrounded by unrealistic expectations, he feels hedged in.

Kati’s German heritage presents its own obstacles to understanding herself and what freedom means. She is crushed by disappointment at never being “enough”–especially for a mother who cannot be satisfied.

As Josh and Kati’s lives unfold, longing for true freedom reverberates in their souls. Come discover with them the life transforming power of  a “chance encounter”…or is it chance after all?

(I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review.)


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