Briefly…in brief

How does one encapsulate 1020 miles, 72 hours, 5 speakers, 2 musicians, one dramatist into one concise blog post? There is no way. And frankly I refuse to try to fit all of one Women of Faith conference into one concise, to the point, blog post. I can’t even do it in one non-concise, to-the-point (yes, I know that is redundant) blog post. I can’t and I refuse.

However, if I had to encapsulate it in one word..Yeah forget that too. If I can’t do it in one blog post, I sure can’t do it in one word. But if I had to I would have to say, POWERFUL.

I was not a stranger to Women of Faith (WOF).  In 1996 I had a ticket to attend my first WOF, in fact it was everyone’s first chance because they started the conferences in 1996. Life happened and Mr. FullCup was moved across the state with his job and I gave up my ticket. I did not have another opportunity to attend a conference again until 2009 when I attended  my first WOF conference in Denver, CO. It was very spur-of-the-moment and I know God had me there for a reason, the reason never really came to me. Nothing stood out to me about the conference.

A few months ago when I received an email from Book Sneeze about the possibility of attending a WOF event in the city of my choice for the cost of getting there and bloggiing, tweeting and facebooking the adventure I was excited. I was over the top excited when I heard I was chosen to attend the event in Omaha.

I danced around the office giddy with the thought of going. Maybe it was the thought of getting away from all responsibilities for a weekend, which a peek into my life would not seem that odd, but I think it was more.

I called my sister-in-law to see if she would like my other ticket and she answered before I could get the question asked.  She was even more “green” to WOF than I was, at least I had been before. I was thrilled with her fast response and her enthusiasm.

On the road from her house to our hotel and the conference we talked as women are known to do. Imagine our surprise when the next morning we are listening to Patsy Clarimont and looking at each other, asking “Where was she in the van?” She is small enough she might have fit under the back seat. Her talk (which will be discussed in another blog post) was so applicable to us.

Just like God to do that.

In my personal spiritual journey lately I’ve been a little…dry. A little like God really is fairly non-existent. I read my Bible every night, I try and pray but it has been as though God is on vacation from my life. I’ve been in Bible studies but God just seems to have left. I know He hasn’t. I know that for a fact, I know that like I know my hair is turning white.

Back the start of this blog, if I had to encapsulate this conference in one short phrase it would be, “when I know who I am in Christ, I know and own my own story. When I know and own my story, I can be real with others and allow them to be real with me. As we are real with each other, we make the world stand up and take notice and make them wish they weren’t on the outside looking in. (to coin a Newsboys phrase). And when the world takes notice, they will see Jesus shining brightly in me.

And that is what I was created to do.


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