Amy, Amy

When I was 13 I received my first Contemporary Christian cassette, yes, it was in the land of cassettes. CDs were light years in the future. But I digress, when I was 13 I received my first Contemporary Christian music cassette, but I think I might have mentioned that already.

The cassette was Amy Grant’s latest offering, Age to Age. I wore the cassette tape out..literally. I have often heard of people saying “I am going to wear that cassette out.” But I did. I would use my hair brush in the bathroom mirror as a microphone, sometimes I would use my curling iron because you know back then mics had cords and my curling iron had a cord so I was big stuff.

I was Amy Grant. When I lip-synced to her music I sounded just like her. (Go ahead and laugh, that was supposed to be funny.) I knew all the words to all the songs on the cassette as well as the songs I heard on the radio.

My first favorite Amy Grant song was Giggle.

I cut my spiritual teeth on Amy Grant’s music. I learned Hebrew listening to El Shaddai. I learned about God’s Arms of Love for the days I really screwed up. I learned about the constancy of God through her music, I learned about God’s mercy, His justice, His desire for relationship with me. I  learned I needed to do more than just read the word, I had to exercise my faith.

I had never seen Amy Grant live and in person. I have wanted to since I was 13. When I heard she was going to be performing with Women of Faith I was excited but also rather apprehensive. Excited because I remember being 13 and longing to see her in concert. Apprehensive because she has somewhat fallen from …grace isn’t the word but I don’t know what the word is.

I was a little disappointed in her performance. I found myself wanting more from her. I wanted her to speak to me of God’s love in my dark places, His grace in the midst of my sin.

I didn’t what I expected. I found someone who speaks of God as though they aren’t exactly speaking terms.

But what really surprised me was finding a woman just like me. A woman who is in the trenches.  A woman who doesn’t have it all together. A woman who stumbles. A woman who is finding herself wondering where she fits in the grand scheme of life.  A woman who encountered life in the last 30 years…just like me.


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