What’s the scoop?

We all know about my slight obsession with coffee. And coffee cups. And coffee makers. I have a 12 cup maker in my office and no fewer than 5 coffee makers at home. I have 2 twelve cup pots, an espresso maker, a french press and a single cup coffee maker. (it sits on top of the cup and brews into it. Most cool.)

I have a plethora of coffee cups. I have taken stock out in coffee filters. I have all things coffee related except a coffee scoop. Do they even make those things?

Actually now that I think about it, I have three coffee scoops..somewhere. I use one when I grind beans when I make espresso (yes, I make and drink espresso..black please).  I just don’t use it every day.

The other day a co-worker entered my office, stood in front of my full 12-cup pot of coffee and said, “Can I bum some coffee off you?” Of course I said yes and wondered why he just stood there and didn’t take any from the full pot right in front of him. Then I saw he had the hopper from the coffee pot in his office in his hand. He didn’t want to get some already made coffee, he wanted some coffee grounds. Which I happen to have a lot of also.

Then he threw me by asking for a scoop. A scoop? Hmmm what does he mean, “a scoop”? I looked at him blankly and said just that, “a scoop?”

“Yeah, a scoop for the coffee.”

“You a scoop for your coffee?”

He does. I don’t. I pour.  No need to measure, one bag of coffee per one pot. Hey, it works for me!


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