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Women of Faith-isms

Just some random quotes from my notes (heeeeyyyy I’m a poet….) from Women of Faith in Omaha.

From Patsy Clairmont on Friday,

“Life is messy.” Reminds me of the old Bissel commercial, “Life is messy. Clean it up.”

“Do not offer answers if you have not walked in their path.”

“Your story matters”

“Go from knowing to living. Knowing is knowledge. Living is wisdom.”

“Stained glass people with stained glass hearts.”

“1. Boundaries on emotions.
2. Harness thoughts
3. Repeat.”

“Healthy habits.”

“Fear has friends…anger, guilt and shame.”

And from Andy Andrews on Friday.

“Smile while you talk.”

“Greet each day with a forgiving attitude”

“Want to be good? It’s how you act. Want to be great? It’s how you act when life isn’t fair.”

“For the times you don’t know what to do…it’s called ‘Something.'”

“Every thing I do has an effect on everyone.  …Everything I do, matters.”
More from Patsy,

“Prayer Matters”

“Change can be good.”

“Our greatest need is for connection.”

“Never, ever, ever, give up!”

From Lisa Whelchel

“There is a difference between being transparent and being vulnerable.”

“Be a good friend. Be grateful for what they give without expecting them to meet your needs. Pay attention to their capacity.”

To be continued…..






Child of the Most High God, Wife, Home-schooling Momma of 2. I love Jesus, people and coffee. I am the somewhat eternal optimist viewing the coffee cup as half nothing, it's full...even when I'm chewing the grounds at the bottom.

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