As Beth Moore says:

“I am blonder than I pay to be.” And since my hair is not at all blond that is really saying something. I am often heard to announce, “I am very blond today!” Usually of course when I really screw up.

Like the other day when I walked into our pastor’s office, after staring at the rough draft of this week’s bulletin full of his arrows and notes to “move this here, and put that there” from the afternoon before. I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. I told him, “I just can’t remember where part 2 of the message goes. And does this song get moved here with this one? What about this song?” As soon I say that I can clearly see, reading the bulletin upside down, where part 2 of his message goes. Oh yes.  It goes right there  where he very clearly wrote, “Message Part 2”.  He then asked if I ever had trouble reading and following arrows.

Yes, he went there. And the only answer I had? “No, I’m blond.”  Now we all know I’m not blond…not really. But I think that just proves God has a huge sense of humor. All the blond qualities jammed inside a redhead’s body in one neat, slightly disheveled package. (Oxymoron, anyone?)

You know how everyone always says to learn from someone else’s mistakes? Well we can’t all do that. Sometimes we are called to make the supreme sacrifice for the betterment of our fellow man and be the someone else. Today, I made that sacrifice.

To make a long blog story, short…Please do not use your arm to stop the falling blade of a paper cutter. Bad things will happen.

Just trust me. You don’t wanna go there.


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