Rivers Of Living Water Part Deux

A few weeks ago I posted a review of Suzanne Lorente‘s CD, Rivers of Living Water and you can read about it here.  I would like to write my own personal review.

But first I must confess, I have not reviewed a cd of music before and before I do this one I need to let you know this style of music is not my preferred style.

Suzanne Lorente has a decidedly gospel flavor to it. If you like groups like The Blackwood Brothers you will LOVE Suzanne Lorente.

One of my favorite things on the CD is the saxophone solo on “Sailing With Jesus“. I could listen to that all day. It is just beautiful.

The production quality it top-notch, the lyrics are uplifting and hard hitting at the same time. The music can be very soothing. Right now I’m listening to it on my computer and I have the volume turned down and it’s just nice.

I received a copy of Rivers of Living Water directly from the artist and was in no way compensated for my honest review other than the free copy of the CD.


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