You know…

A really bad day, a day when you wonder why you even bother to bother? When you wonder what’s the point? When the only feelings you can muster are sad and depressing? When you feel like hiding out in the bathroom sobbing, but realize you can’t because you’d have to explain your red nose and eyes? 


Yup, that. was. my. day.


Do you ever want to look at someone, get inches, no, centimeters away from their face and yell, “WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU DID THAT??????” But you can’t. 


Boy howdy. I hope I’m not the only one.


2 thoughts on “You know…

  1. KateeLee1 says:

    Oh I have known that really well. Grew up in a household that could make that a constant habit, if I had let it.No, you are far from alone. I have found the only way to be rid of those feelings (besides crying in a shower) is to pray. Pour out your heart to some one who can really do something about it. He may not work at our speed but His ways are better then ours. And it is rather uplifting to be able to vent out to someone who really cares about us and know that they are there for us.When the heat of the moments has past, try to see them as someone who just really needs more of Jesus in their life and pray for them. It helps keep bitterness from eating away at you.No one knows more then me, how difficult that is but… it is worth the efforts. I also have found that Psalms 77 and 22 to be of great comfort.The Lord really does understand our frustration and pain.

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