“MissioLife moves us from Bible literacy to Bible intimacy.”

                                                        – Scot McKnight


The Church is comprised of the people of God, and like the early church, our faith communities seek to be formed by the story of God in our theology, our faith, our identity, our way of life, and our behaviors.


MissioLife is an intentional and formational small-group experience created to guide children, youth, and adults on a pilgrimage through Scripture—from understanding to participation in the mission of God.


MissioLife is intended to be experienced together as a community. Unlike individual devotionals designed for only one person or one learning group, MissioLife is intentional about involving everyone in your faith community.MissioLife is divided into three learning groups: children, youth and adults. With the entire church community journeying through MissioLife together, families and multi-generational communities will be able to share in this formative experience together.


This resource is discussion-driven and easy-to-use. For adults (Breathe) and youth (Image), each week you get a 3-page in depth biblical reflection to help you engage in the story of God, a 2-page facilitator’s guide to equip the leader with weekly encounter sessions and community discussions, and a 1-page participant’s handout to help everyone join in the conversation.


For children (Rhythms), MissioLife lessons are designed to fit their unique learning styles. Each week you get a 6-page in-depth facilitator’s guide to help you engage with children (elementary and preteens) in the story and mission of God, a 1-page parent resource, a 1-page student handout for each age group, and 1 visual teaching symbol.


MissioLife is all-digital resource. This means you can easily access and download the materials through the website at http://www.missiolife.com. From everything you need to lead a MissioLife group, to posters and other promotional materials, it’s never been easier to organize and lead a community-wide experience. See how easy it can be by downloading a sample lesson now.





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