Some people are just sweet.  Its true.  Think about for a moment,  haven’t you found yourself saying,  maybe as you tear up,  “thay are just so sweet!” I’m not talking about babies and puppies either.
I mean honest-to-goodness human beings.
This past weekend I was blessed to attend a Living Proof Life event with Beth Moore.  My dear friend, Elsie went with me an we had a blast.  I must say,  or actually I don’t have to but it is my blog and I can say it if I want to and I do,  I was a little afraid of making the trip with just the 2 of us in the car.  Because you see,  I stink at small talk.  I mean,  I really stink at it.  I had no worries! Elsie is easy to talk to and there was virtually no small talk.
Back to sweet,  we had planned on staying with some friends of Elsie’s in their B&B but a family death had them leaving town the day we were coming in.  That isn’t the sweet part either.
The sweet part was when Elsie told me her friend had read a conversation we had about all the heavy blankets I have on my bed (another post,  another day) and she got out the flannel sheets,  washed,  dried and put them on my bed.  Isn’t that sweet!?!?!?! It was a little sad that she went to the trouble to do that and then we ended up at the LaQuinta,  but still it was very sweet.


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