Names of God Bible

The Names of God Bible, edited by Ann Spangler, uses the God’s Word translation. The Bible uses the Hebrew names for God in place of the English words.  In the New Testament all references to God are Yeshua, which is a little odd to me because I know just enough Greek to know that Theos is the Greek word for God and Christos is the Greek word for Christ.

I like the use of the Hebrew names of God in the Old Testament but I highly recommend memorizing each one so you don’t have to constantly flip back to the page of names and their meanings.

The Names of God Bible has a “Topical Prayer Guide for the Names of God” which is very nice.  If you want to know the God Who Heals, it lists the passages that talk about that aspect of God’s character.  Want to know God as Protector? Those passages are listed too. I love this feature.

Throughout the text there are little boxes with key verses on the pages. They recommend you memorize these.

Each book has an introduction and lists key names of God found in that particular book. This is very helpful if you want to study a certain name for God.

Name Pages

There are also pages that explain in a devotional format the names of God.  I love to use these as a part of my devotions.

There is a much appreciated, much needed pronunciation guide to the names of God. This is great if you’re like and don’t know any Hebrew.

I love this Bible and most of it’s features. I wish it was in a more widely used translation just because it would be easier to follow along and I wish the New Testament used the other names for God.

All in all, I highly recommend this Bible for the Bible scholar in your life, or maybe even yourself.


(I received a free copy of this Bible from Revell Books for the purpose of review)



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