Uncommon Life + A Give-Away

I am rather by nature a non-conformist. If the popular opinion is one thing, I will  more than likely choose the opposite. I don’t do things because “everyone else is doing it”, if everyone else is doing it, you can rest assured I am not.

That is probably why I was often in a lot of trouble growing up…oh wait, that’s not what I meant to say. That is probably why Tony Dungy’s new book held such appeal to me. His book is pictured at the left and is titled, The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge.

The Uncommon Life Challenge is written like a devotional book. He starts with a scripture, a short devotional and ends with a challenge for the day.  For example on Feb. 11 he choose James 5:13-16 and his challenge is “There is one means of communication that has never changed between God and human beings from Old Testament times to now–prayer. What do you need to pray about right now? Commit that you will spend more time praying.”

I was not able to read the entire book, because it came very late, but the portion I did read was excellent. I gave it to my 11 year girly-girl to read and she is devouring it. Not a day goes by without her buried eyeball deep in the pages.

She likes Tony Dungy’s challenge (called “Uncommon Keys”) because it says things we might already know but don’t want to say, or do. ” She appreciates that he uses different ideas from what we can understand to explain concepts that we couldn’t normally wrap our minds around.”  She also likes that he starts each day with a verse (or verses).

If you’re looking to make 2012 a year to make a difference for Christ, in your life, in your world. If you’re up for a challenge, get this book and read it, study it, learn from it.  Next year when you look back on 2012 you will see that you did indeed have an Uncommon Life, a richer life.

If you would like the chance to win your own FREE copy of Tony Dungy’s book, The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge, leave a comment, tweet about it and talk about it on Facebook. (Just make sure you leave me a comment that you tweeted it or talked on facebook.) Please, if you’ don’t tweet or talk on facebook about it, don’t tell me you did so you can win.

(I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers for the purpose of review)


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