Organizing Schmorganizing

Let me preface this whole thing by saying I am organizationally challenged. I have friends who love to organize and be organized.  To me organized people never ever have the joy of finding something they thought they had lost forever.

Of course you’ll find it after you replace it but still the joy at finding it! Bliss.

To be honest the mere thought of organizing tends to scare me. I picture lists upon lists upon lists, so many lists I have to have list upon lists upon lists of my lists. And I don’t even make a grocery list anymore. I am list free and love it.

I’ve also been called warped by a member of the List Making Society of Organized People.

With that being said, when my email was constantly bombarded with this book, Small Space Organizing (Kathryn Bechen and published by Revell) I eventually threw up my hands and said, “Okay, okay! I think I need to read this book!”

My house is not overly small, nor overly huge (about 1200 sq. ft.). But I have virtually no storage space and I thought this book would be the ticket.

Kathryn starts the book by saying it is for anyone who lives in a small space. But the first part of the book talks almost exclusively about downsizing and how to do it. I don’t necessarily need to downsize.  I just need my house to function in a somewhat haphazardly organized way.

The book is a great read! I have to tell you though, if you’ve ever picked up a book on decorating nothing has changed. But if you haven’t, or if you have but are downsizing and need a refresher course, this is the book for you.

Kathryn goes room by room in downsizing and then organizing. The book is chock full of good ideas and tips. I know this is a book I will come back to over and over when the I-have-to-get-organized-mindset hits me like a ton of bricks.

My friends are praying it is soon.


(I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review)


4 thoughts on “Organizing Schmorganizing

  1. TrishaDM says:

    I am one of those ridiculously organized people. My husband is not. He introduced me to the joy of finding something we thought was lost forever. I still don’t enjoy it, but it is a rush! I must find this book! Great post!

  2. lcgregory says:

    I am a moderately organized person. By that, I mean that while most of my space is tidy there are spaces that are specifically designated for disarray! Sounds crazy, huh? While this books sounds as if it would be a great resource my main issue with it would be to actually put into practice the concepts found therein! To know what to do and then not do it would heap a profound amount of guilt upon my head *grin.

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