Imagine my immense surprise yesterday when the three girls came trooping into the house after school (Mr. FullCup took our girlies to get Catherin from school) saying there was no school today.

Uhhhh hello. Please allow me one small  moment to panic. It won’t take long, just until Mr. FullCup gets home this evening. Not long at all.

I think I’ll take them all to the gas station for a nice big cup of Dr. Pepper. My head is quite stuffed today and while I don’t have a headache at this exact moment, I will have and I did have earlier. So really it’s just a matter of time.

Then after meeting my best friends, the keepers of the Dr. Pepper….no, I don’t know their real names. But rest assured they are my bestest of bestest friends in the whole world, no make that in the universe. Then I suppose we’ll go to the bank.

And then I’ll take them to the nice radio station in town where I’ll con someone..errr ask someone very nicely to give them a tour.

That should take all of 2 minutes.

Stay tuned for the update on week two.


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