Life as it seems to be

Don’t you hate it when you’re laying in bed pondering the finer things in life, such as “Did I brush my teeth at all today?” and you ponder your way into the best blog post. You have it all planned out in your head, every luscious word of it.

And then you fall asleep. When you wake up you can’t remember a blessed word of it. The only thing you remember is how wonderful it was and how very intelligent you sounded.

Yeah, that was me last night. Now I’m just randomly putting words together in sentences, hoping they make an iota of sense and desperately hoping my brilliant blog post comes back to me.

So far I’ve got nothing.

A blogging friend of mine writes her blog posts at night and schedules them to post. Brilliant. Only by 9, if I’m fortunate most nights it’s closer to 8…who am I kidding..more like 6pm my brain turns to mush. It only gets less mushy sometime around 10 the next morning.

I have a very small window of time in which to use my brain to it’s full-capacity. If only blogging were the only thing I had to do. But in that brief window I have to ponder supper and the making of it, school the children I birthed without the aid of any type of medication or pain-numbing drugs.

When my first child was born I think I was fairly quiet throughout labor, once she was born, however I’m sure my doctor would have loved to say, “Hey lady, put a sock in it!” But he was too nice.

Was? Hmmm I say that like he has passed on or at the very least is no longer nice. He is nice.

Anyway, one of the first things I said after she was born, “I am stronger than my sisters!” You see they both experienced childbirth before I did and they also used every pain relieving method known to man. Not me. I was blissfully drug free.

And yes, it matters. At least to me.

Ha! In the process of blogging all of that I remembered what my brilliant post was and promptly forgot it all again.

That, folks, is my life.

(Just because I’m feeling generous, here is a picture of Catherin eating American Chinese food)


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