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Catherin eating American Chinese for the second time.

Or if you prefer English, Week Three.

We just finished up week three with Catherin and it is both getting easier and harder. You might think that is an oxymoron but no. You would be wrong.

Last Sunday we again had problems with Catherin at church. Not as defiant, well not as in-your-face-defiance, but she did have her own ideas of how she would spend the morning at church and let’s just say they weren’t the same as our ideas.

It seems she thinks Sunday mornings are the time you hang with your Chinese friends and ditch Sunday school. You tell your teacher you have to use the restroom, meander upstairs giggling, find your way to the kitchen where you make yourself some tea. Then you meander back to the foyer where your “Momma” and Papa Dude tell you go to back to class. You say, “Yes” and lead your friend down the stairs. Of course you only go as far as the landing where you stand giggling and talking some more because “they can’t see you.”  And while you are in class you make faces behind the teachers back.

Yup, those are all things your American parents will be thrilled about.

Monday, Catherin had to dress like a Bible character. We chose Jael and you can read about it here.

Tuesday she had to wear red or black and she chose black since it is her favorite color.

Oh and by the way, it was School Spirit Week.

Wednesday she had to dress like a cowgirl. For living in a rural part of my state and for Mr. FullCup growing up on a farm, we aren’t read cowboy/girl/western wear people. She wore a western type shirt, vest, bandanna and took Papa Dude’s cowboy hat.

We had AWANA that night and she actually said a section! WOO HOO!!

Thursday was dress like a teacher day. How does a teacher dress really? They all seem so normal to me. We sent her to school in a button down shirt and a tie. The tie and shirt clashed something awful but I’m sure at some point in time teachers have clashed, right? If I had thought of it sooner I would have sent her to school dressed like the teacher that lives in this house dresses…in pajamas.

Okay, Mr. FullCup would have had a conniption fit so I probably wouldn’t have actually done it. But it was tempting.

Friday was “Fake an injury” day. I already blogged about that experience. I’m not sure she really ever understood the “faking” part. I think until we wrapped a perfectly good arm, she was convinced we would cause her to have a real injury and send her to school. The fact that our friend who helped us with her costume offered to cut her face so he could give her stitches I’m sure didn’t help her much.

That brings us to today, Saturday. We had the AWANA Bible Quiz this morning. We needed to do some shopping this afternoon and I have to say one thing. Catherin shops like I do. Which is a blessing! I am not your typical woman shopper. If I find what I like in the first store, I stop shopping. I’m done and I’m  headed home.  Catherin is like that. She needed a dress and the first dress she saw she liked and tried on, fit and she was done. The same with shoes today.

Tonight Catherin and all the Chinese students will be having “Talent Night”. They have all been working on doing things together and each one will share a special talent. Catherin will play the piano and one boy will being doing karate, or is it Tae Kwon Do.  I can’t remember but I’m sure he knows.

It is hard to believe it has been almost a month already and at the same time it hasn’t even been a month yet. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t marking the days off the calendar because I am. But I would be remiss if I said I didn’t some days mark two or three days off because I had failed to do it earlier.



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