I am following the Essential 100 (E100) Plan using YouVersion on my phone. I’ve mentioned it here before, you read 50 key passages from the Old Testament and 50 key passages from the New Testament. It is designed to be read Monday through Saturday but I do it every day.

Because I’m a non-rule-following-nonconformist.

Yesterday I was reading in 1 Kings about Elisha and the drought. You remember the story. Elisha tells King Ahab there will be no rain for three years.  Just as the three years are ending, Elisha challenges the  people to a dual. Only this dual would not require pistols. No, it would just require God.

He challenged them to find out which God was really God. Baal, or the God of heaven. They both built altars and and sacrificed but the one who was really God would consume the sacrifice with fire.

Guess who won?

Yup. The God of heaven. Even though Elisha poured bucket after bucket of water on the altar God still consumed it with fire. And everyone ran.  Jezebel put a price on Elisha’s head and he too fled in terror.

God feeds him and then asks him “Elisha, what are you doing here?” Elisha whines in response, “I’m the only one who believes in you anymore and everyone wants to kill me. Wah wah wah.” I can’t say I completely blame him, I’d do the same thing.

Then God reveals Himself to Elisha in a still small voice. And asks again, “What are you doing here?” Elisha gives the same answer.

I have to say I was a little shocked, how could you encounter God like that and not be changed? How could you see a great strong wind, earthquake, and fire and then a still small voice and not be affected?

Spending time with God should change us. But I think all too often we refuse to allow it to work in us. I don’t want to spend time with God, I don’t want to see Him in a way I’ve never seen Him before and not be completely changed by the experience.



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