Week Four, Or The End of the First Month.

We are closing the book on the end of the first month. As I sit and reflect on the experience thus far there are parts that make me happy and parts that make me incredibly sad.

I asked Catherin one night at supper if she had  ever heard about Jesus before coming to America. She said, “I only know one thing. That Jesus is God‘s Son.” You can imagine how thrilled my heart was to hear that.

I love how easily she gets along with my two girls…for the most part. Catherin is really fairly agreeable, more agreeable when Mr. FullCup tells her to do something.  What is it about men telling children to accomplish a task and BOOM it’s done?

This week was almost without mishap. That alone is a huge reason to celebrate. Not that it was perfect by any means but better.

I am shocked at the amount of food Catherin can put away. When she arrived our freezer was full. I had been stock-piling for a few months and you couldn’t have fit a popsicle in there. It is now almost empty.

There is one issue that has caused me no small amount of pain but I won’t go into that here.



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