Cuh-Razzzy Day

Today is my day to be weird. Oh wait. I guess every day is my day to be weird. That reminds me of an email I received from Dave Ramsey about a year ago. (Yes the financial Dave Ramsey.) The subject of that email, “This is your year to be weird!” 

So what were all those other years? 

This morning started at 6:15 with a bursting…oh never mind. I’ll skip the play-by-play for you. We were out the door at 7:45. Dropped Catherin off at school, hit the bank. 

I almost said we knocked off the bank but I think you might have misunderstood that. We didn’t knock it off, we just hit it. Well not literally as in we ran into it. 

Then off to the gas station for hot cocoa, coffee and there was one other thing…oh yeah, and gas. Then off to a large nearby city and shopping. 

At warp speed. I didn’t speed though. I set the cruise at the posted speed limit, even in towns. I shopped at warp speed. 45 minutes in Sams, 15 minutes in Natural Grocers, 10 minutes in Starbucks (and the only store I left empty handed. I know….what is wrong with me??)

Home again by 2:15. We had to get Catherin from school at 3:30. She has piano lessons at 5:30 and we have a banquet that starts at 6. 

I’m exhausted. 


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