Medication for Meditation

In church yesterday the pastor was a little lost, which in and of itself is hysterically funny. To me. But then I’m the type of girl who walks into a church in a strange city and tells the pastor I’m lost.

Yes, I’ve done that…on purpose. It was more fun, of course once I realized what he thought I was saying and what I was actually saying were not quite the same thing.

Picture this, the opening song and announcements have been made, everyone is seated when you hear a booming voice coming from the general regions of the ceiling, “I’m COMING!”

That will put the fear of God into you right quick.

The  pastor then appeared and I’ll not lie, it was a letdown. He said something about always forgetting his mic. He announces some prayer requests and asks if there are any others and then says, “Now we’ll have a time of silent meditation.” Only he didn’t really mean it. What he meant to say was, “And now Mr. GreyPants will lead us in another song.”

Immediately following that song the pastor stepped to the pulpit and announced that “Now we will have a time of mild medication.”

(I am working on a few other blog posts that I’ll get posted this week and I still have our week 7 update on Catherin.)


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